A calm and safe environment

Your security is our primarily concern

At Hotel Stureplan we are continuously working to ensure that both our guests and employees feel secure.

Reception is manned day and night. Only hotel guests have access to the floors and entry to each of these are controlled by key card.

The hotel is equipped with a complete sprinkler system, as well as automatic fire alarms, emergency lighting, smoke- and heat detectors.

At Hotel Stureplan the security of our guests is of the most importance. All staff at the hotel receives on-going training. All of our employees are involved in fire and security drills which are carried out twice a year. The content of these drills and a list of those present are documented.

Fire- and security inspections are carried out by the director of operations once a quarter; these inspections include checks of fire prevention measures, the sprinkler system and other security equipment. Staff carry out safety rounds daily. All safety rounds and checks are documented and followed up.